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SETA Accreditation

F & O Deliveries is accredited at the Services SETA and has endorsed the QCTO accreditation for training and trade test centre. Learning interventions can be presented nationally although our Head Office is located in Pretoria. Additional qualifications / courses are continuously added based on client requirements and market needs.

QCTO, Trades Training Centre and/or Trade Test Centre

F & O Deliveries is accredited by NAMB and recommended to QCTO as an SDP (Skills Development Provider) to training contracted learners previously classified as section 13 apprentices. This includes Trade Test Centre accreditation to conduct trade testing for both contracted and non-contracted candidates (previously classified as section 28 candidates) in specific designated trades in accordance to the provisions of the Skills Development Act as amended, read with the conditions of apprenticeship published by the Government. All Trade Test Certificates issued in under Section 26 D as per the Skills Development Act.QCTO Accreditation Number: SDP/15/0024NAMB and Trade Test Centre Accreditation Number: AC000093NAMB

CETA Accreditation

F and O Deliveries was accredited by the Construction Seta (CETA) on the 07th of August 2018 for the following two learnerships

  • Community Housebuilding NQF Level 2 – SAQA ID 24273
  • Building and Civil Construction – NQF Level 3 – SAQA ID 65409