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We are a Training & Trade Test Centre accredited at QCTO in Trades Electrical, Bricklaying,Plumbing & Carpentry

Future and Overall Deliveries established in 2001 by education entrepreneur Freddie Orsmond, to facilitate training in technical and managerial skills critical to African economic development and competitiveness. As part of Company repositioning itself nationally and internationally within artisan space, Ms. Queen Ndlovu joined F & O in 2015

About us
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Our Mission

To operate, capacitate and manage a high quality branded network of training centres that help to raise the standard of learning delivery and education in South Africa to meet global demands for a new generation of knowledgeable and skilled individuals. We want to develop an environment and opportunity to train artisans with scarce skills.

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Our Purpose

F&O aims to be a significant contributor to the South African economic development and educational system, providing a bridge where business, government and training institutions can collaborate on training policy and skills development so that desired reforms within the South African labour market can become a reality.

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Our Values

  • Demonstrate respect and integrity for ourselves and to all those to whom we provide a service
  • To be proudly South African
  • Quality focused and Customer orientated,
  • Building long lasting relationships with our strategic stakeholders,
  • Innovation and flexibility in our approach to training and development.

Learning Path Contributionn to the education system

F&O’s learning pathways will be extended from pre-trade or foundation-level training, to learnerships, apprenticeships, skills programmes such as Nated Courses, all the way to Trade Tests and other workplace-based national accredited qualifications and on to higher-level management programmes and qualifications.

We help shape the future provision of tertiary education services by: -Developing – in consultation with stakeholders – strategic training plans that identify how specific industry groups and tertiary education organizations will develop the workforce skills required to improve industry performance. -By developing and providing relevant skill standards in consultation with our stakeholders. -Promoting employment and training opportunities within the current workforce and to career advisers, secondary school teachers, school leavers and other prospective employees. -Supporting employers, employees and tertiary education organizations to deliver training support to recognized standards.

Stakeholder and industry engagement

Our Vision underscores our commitment to further developing effective relationships across the industries we serve aiming to:

  • Ensure our qualifications are relevant to our client’s and industries’ current and future needs,
  • Provide access to related education and training opportunities that meet client and industry needs,
  • Provide training programmes and qualifications that develop learners’ technical and managerial skills along with the generic cognitive and behavioural skills they need to succeed in a changing work environment, and Deliver guidance and support to employers to support them in their role of providing workplace-based training to learners